Tmaq is a multi-award-winning Nigeria PR, Digital Marketer and Talent Manager whose status as a media and entertainment personality has never been in question. Writing this article is the least I can do at this period, when the Nigeria music industry

Is mourning the death of young champ Mohbad. Deep down in me I feel so tired and empty about what is going on in the music industry #JusticetforMohbad. Lot of artists are going through what mohbad went through but they are scared to speak out, Over the years I have witnessed a whole lot of dramas from labels and all.

The music industry has long been a playground for creativity, a place where artists can share their unique voices and talents with the world. However, it’s also an industry known for its complexities and challenges, especially when it comes to the relationships between artists and record labels. In recent years, there has been a growing call for artists to speak up when facing issues with their record labels. This write-up explores the compelling reasons why artists should be vocal about their concerns and challenges in their collaborations with record labels.

One of the most vital reasons for artists to speak up when encountering problems with record labels is to protect their artistic integrity. Record labels may sometimes impose creative restrictions, push artists to conform to industry norms, or alter an artist’s vision to maximize commercial appeal. Speaking up ensures that artists can maintain their unique artistic voices and create music that truly represents them.





Fair compensation has been a longstanding issue in the music industry. Many artists, especially those starting out, may find themselves in unfavorable contracts that do not adequately compensate them for their work. Speaking up can help artists renegotiate contracts, secure better deals, and receive the compensation they deserve for their talent and hard work.

Transparency and accountability are essential in any business relationship, and the music industry is no exception. Speaking up about issues with record labels can help shed light on unfair or unethical practices, encouraging greater transparency within the industry. This transparency can benefit not only the individual artist but also the broader music community.

The music industry can be mentally and emotionally taxing, especially when artists feel trapped or powerless within their contracts. Speaking up about their concerns can serve as a therapeutic outlet, providing emotional relief and support from fans, peers, and advocacy groups. This can contribute to an artist’s overall well-being and mental health.

Individual voices, when united, can drive significant change. By speaking up about issues with record labels, artists can join forces with others who share similar experiences and grievances. This collective action can lead to industry-wide improvements, such as fairer contract terms, better royalty rates, and increased artist autonomy.

Artists who speak up serve as role models and inspire others to do the same. By setting a precedent for open dialogue and advocating for their rights, artists contribute to a healthier and more equitable music industry. This not only benefits current artists but also future generations of musicians.

Fans often rally behind artists who are open about their struggles and challenges. When artists speak up, they can build stronger connections with their fan base, who may offer support, attend protests or boycotts, or advocate for change on behalf of their favorite musicians. This fan support can be a powerful force in resolving issues with record labels.

Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, and their voices matter. Speaking up when facing issues with record labels is not just an individual act of self-preservation; it’s an essential step toward fostering a more equitable, transparent, and artist-friendly music industry. By advocating for their rights and articulating their concerns, artists can not only improve their own situations but also contribute to positive change throughout the industry, ensuring that music remains a vibrant and diverse form of artistic expression for years to come.

I pray and hope justice is served for mohbad #JusticetforMohbad


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