Emerging Afro Nigerian musician, Nai-Jah releases his brand new single titled, “Hustling Bad”. This is a beautiful, conscious track with a catchy chorus that’s both chill and danceable. Produced by Manuel Garcia, Maxime Barcelona, Jaoade Oumama & Vincent Charpin, “Hustling Bad” reflects the relentless spirit of never giving up, while strongly resonating with anyone who understands the grind.

Originating from French and Nigerian parents, Nai-Jah carries within him the heritage of two worlds, which is reflected not only in his music but also in his stage presence. From how he blends his stage charisma and much more, Nai-Jah’s lyrical depth and catchy melodies clearly set him apart.

“Hustling Bad” tells the story of a beautiful, strong-willed African woman who has that fire in her. She’s always hustling, always out there trying to make a way for herself. She is admired by all, men want to possess her. But anyone who approaches her had better come correct because she is always about her paper.

In the song “Hustling Bad”, Nai-Jah wants you to experience the essence of Nigerian struggle as he reflects on his people’s relentless spirit of never giving up. His music can be described as enchanting rhythms of Nigeria intertwining with modern melodies that create a musical fusion that transcends genres and borders. On this track Nai-Jah wants you to groove and feel the vibes!

An essential artist of our time, Nai-Jah’s career is on the rise. His influence is growing and his music and message resonate with an increasingly broad audience. Listen to “Hustling Bad” now on all digital platforms.

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