A Nigerian Lady identified as Toyin has disclosed the greatest betrayal she experienced from her close friend she sheltered.

According to her utterance, she had sheltered, fed and accommodated her selfish friend for several months only for her to go behind her and slept with her man while also conceiving from the entanglement.


Toyin expressed that she was vastly astonished to learn that she never showed any sympathy but rather shattered her heart with a demeaning confrontation when she noticed the cruel situation.

While their argument swerved heated the young Lady justified her ordeal with the claim that she trespassed to no one so far the young man is yet to tie the knot with Toyin.

Toyin also voiced that her hypocritic friend snitched on her by taking her pictures and drugs to a herbalist to haunt her image but it never transpired as she planned.

Via Twitter, Toyin wrote:

“Fxxxed my guy, got pregnant for him, told me after all he hasn’t put a ring on my finger, of which she was living under my roof, no job, nothing. Took my dress and picture to a native doctor to harm me, but God used her kid’ sister in my favour.”

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

Question of the day: 

If you were Toyin, what will you do?

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