Episode 26

In school the next day, people were talking about a cult clash that happened the night before. Although i was 100% sure that no death was recorded, students were saying 4-3, 5-2 blaaablaaa…counting phantom deaths..The school was filled with color flaunting. The different groups were showing each other that they were gallant..

Our new residence was not to be mentioned to anyone, even our movement around campus was restricted to public places. We had just a week to the Election and the fever was spreading like fire…

The campaigns was on full throttle now, only if these guys dancing up and down knew what was happening behind the scenes. Most people didnt even attribute the cult clashes to the elections.

Timi and i had texted all night…He told me how much he loved me and how we should travel to Lome after our exams on holiday. He kept trying to convince me to leave the room and meet him at the passage for tender, love and care. Though it sounded appetizing, i coudnt leave Toun…

Abayomi and Timi came for us after classes, interestingly they were not the only ones…sparrow and Aji were waiting with the Volvo too…Some weeks ago i would have felt trapped…but i was glad with the extra security…i was tempted to call Jafar to just check up on him…but it sounded silly…

Toun declined following us, she said Naetochukwu would be coming for her…and that she would join me in the hotel later..

In the hotel, Abayomi went to his room while Timi followed me to mine…he didnt wait for me to drop my bags before he pounced on me…I thought he wanted a quick kiss but the way he was breathing suggested that he wanted more…I was all sweaty and sticky from class but Timi was having none of that.

Timi : baby i have missed you…

Me : Ahn ahn..you and i have been together na…

Timi : You know what i mean….

Me : tell me na…

Timi : i want to feel the inside of you…

i ran my fingers through his cute face, i couldnt stop marveling on how handsome he looked…

Me : Oya lemme havd my bath first….

Timi : i can join you na…

Me : Shut up…ashewo boy….

He laughed as i left him and undressed to take my bath.. When i finished, Timi was sprawled on the bed, sleeping. Though i was hungry, i decided to wait to Toun before i ate. so i found a free space on the bed and slept too..

It was getting dark when i woke to the sounds of someone knocking the door, Timi was still sleeping. I opened the door to see Toun, her face was blank. I tapped Timi, who stood up and greeted Toun before vacating the room…she didnt even bother replying him.

Me : Toun , whats wrong with you?…

she went into the bathroom without replying. After waiting for about 30 minutes without hearing from her, i entered the bathroom too…

she was beneath the shower crying her eyes out…

Me : Toun talk to me, is it about Eli?

Toun : No…

Me : Talk to me…

Toun : just leave me alone….

i stepped closer, i didnt care that the gown i was on was getting wet…

Me : I am not going anywhere…

Toun : Fine, stay there!

Me : Please Toun…

She turned to me and stared for a while….

Me : You dont have a shower cap on…

Toun : Naetochukwu Fuccked me….

I gasped.

Toun : He fuucked me in his car!…oh i feel so filthy….

i hugged her….her heart was breaking….

Me : Let it be between us…..

Toun : too late for that…..i called Abayomi and told him…I couldnt keep that away from him…

Me : what did he say?

Toun : He hung up….

Me : i am so sorry…

Toun : i just wanted to get back at him….i thought i would
feel better….i dont….i feel like drowning…..

I led her back to the room and ordered Tea and fried plantain for us….i assured her that everything would be alright…

Trying to sleep, i got a call. i intended ignoring the call but with the elections fast approaching, everybody was important…so i picked up..

Me : Hello?

caller : Tanatolo….

] Me: Eli?

Eli: you no dey your house…hehehehe…Why you dey hide hen you knw say i go find you?

Me : Eli, leave me alone, you and i have no business

Eli : You tell me say you and Abayomi go step down, na me all of una dey use play, ba?

Me : How did you get my number?

Eli : When i finish with una, then i move to Jafar…na una i go use remind everybody who runs this town…

Me : Eli please…

Eli : As it stands now, even if una step down, or lose…them don pay for una blood…hehehehehe…

Me : who?

…he hung up…

I decided to keep the call to myself, no need to add to Toun’s problem. I wondered if Timi was part of the people that could be harmed..then i thought of Jafar and decided it was right to call him..

Jafar : Tana whats good, isnt it really late?

Me : sorry, Eli just called me..

Jafar : How did he get your digits?

Me : i dont know…

Jafar : what did he say?

i told him everything…

Jafar : go back to sleep now, there is nothing to worry about…

Me : Aii, thanks Jafar…

Jafar : cool..

thr next question i asked was very stupid, only God knows how i think sometimes….

Me : are you sleeping alone?

Jafar : eeeerm….why?

I was embarrassed…so i flipped the script…

Me : wanted to know if you were alright…

Jafar : By sleeping alone?

Me : Nevermind na…you sef!

Jafar: Haha ….goodnight Tee…

Me: did you just call me Tee?

Jafar : yes….i hear your friends call you that…you have a prob with that?

Me : Not at all o…it just sounded cool…

my phone cranked, showing there was a call waiting….it was Timi…

Jafar : Sleep well…

Me : wait!

Jafar : what?

Me : You did not tell me if you were sleeping alone…

Jafar : thought we had forgotten about this…

Me : i havent…sooooooooo?

Jafar : Yes i am…

Me : simple answer you cannot say since….

He laughes and hung up…

i answered Timi’s call…

Timi : hmmmm, you phone has turned to business centre…

Me : sorry, was talking to a friend…

Timi : who?

Me : Jafar..

He kept quiet for some seconds….

Timi : i guess he has the right, afterall he is your savior….

He sounded sarcastic…

Me : so how are you, Oluwatimileyin?

Timi : Abayomi is really down, Toun slept with that guy…

Me : Yea..i know…

Timi : its all messed up…they didnt even roll out for long…she don pull pant…

Me : dont talk about Toun like that!

Timi : i am sorry…thus confinement and not being able to hold you even with our close proximity is killing me….

Me : sorry baby….

Timi : Tomorrow you will give me some sugar?

Me : Yeye boy…goodnight jor…

Timi : goodnight wifey…

I tried sleeping that night, but my mind d kept rotating among images of Eli…i was still scared….

The next morning, still sleepy eyed…i quickly showered, Toun was already dressed up and waiting for me…She sounded better though i knew she was in pains..

Abayomi and Timi took us to school, through the ride, Timi and i were the only ones talking..Abayomi didnt even bother greeting Toun…Infront of the mini-campus school gate, a large group of people gathered. I was sure it was National,campaign people saying plenty sweet things, but the closer we got, it was apparent that something in the middle was the centre of attraction. something tragic that made some students put their hands on their head..Timi parked beside the school gate, as he and Abayomi strolled to take a look.. I was curious so i got down i followed them, my heart disadvantage made me have to squeeze myself before i got to a vintage position. I regretted i did..
Lying in a thick pool of blood was Aji…with a bullet hole on his head…and his left hand almost detached with something very sharp…He must have been dead for a while because flies had started perching on him…His right index finger was gone….That was Eli’s signature…He cut’s his victims index finger and put it in his pocket…
At that point…the earth started spinning…

Episode 27

We returned to the hotel, already we heard news that lectures for that day had been suspended. Sparrow was at the Hotel lobby when we got in, you could see from his eyes that he was devasted…I gave him a hug and went inside the room, soon i was surrounded by Timi, Abayomi and Toun.

Me : Abayomi, dont you think we should just let go of this elections?

Abayomi : I have been thinking about it too, i never imagined it was going to be like this..

Timi : but we have come too far, elections is next week friday..

Toun : If you guys step down now, they have won..Eli and National…

Toun walked to where Abayomi stood and looked into his eyes…

Toun : You have always wanted to be the SUG president, please dont give up…

He answer her…

Me : But we are not even sure of winning, its 50/50…

Timi : you have a point bby…

Abayomi : i will call Jafar, lets hear what he thinks…

Abayomi placed the call, after some seconds, he hung up..

Me : what did he say?

Abayomi : They are taking Aji’s corpse to the mortuary, he will drop by on his way back..

Timi : that settles it then…

Toun : Please i have something to say…

we all looked up, apart from Abayomi…

Toun : You guys are more than my friends, you are my family..thats why i am begging you guys to forgive me…

Me : Toun , stop! …for what?

Toun : Tana, i have to say this…I slept with Naetochukwu thinking it will make things right, but it was a stupid thing to do…i am sorry Abayomi…please forgive me. I aint saying we should go back as bf and gf…but i need to know you have forgiven me, so it can reduce the dirtiness i feel on me…

It was Timi and my turn to look down…But the idiot didnt day anything…so i looked up and went to hug my friend, Toun…i helped her wipe away her tears…Yes i am a hugger!..

Abayomi and Timi left the room and i was left alone with Toun…

Toun : Thank you dear…

Me : Dont worry, Abayomi will come around…

Toun : i hope he knows i am really sorry…….

She started crying again…

Me : stop it, its not like he didnt sleep with Kofo and all…

Toun : does that justify my action? in the car?…

Me : Alrigjt, lets eat…food makes things better…

She giggled amidst her tears…

Toun : Glutton like you…

there was a knock on the door, i wondered if Jafar had arrived so soon..

It was Timi.

Timi : Toun, Abayomi wants to see you…

I was surprised, but she was more surprised…

Toun : serious?

Timi : Yeah…

Toun bounced from the bed and started powdering her face…looked at herself in the mirror and left…

Timi : those people are crazily inlove!

me : Yes o…

Timi : do you love me like that?

i wondered where this question was coming from…

Me : ours is different…

Timi : explain…

Me : Those people are as good as married….

Timi : and we are?

me : modern lovers…

Timi : this has to do with Jafar right?…

me : oh no Timi…Ahn ahn…

Timi : i dont know, i just feel this vibe about you guys…

Me : you are getting Paranoid…

i sat on his lap and gavd him a full kiss on the lips. he started carrying me to the bed…

Me : Timi, i am hungry…lemme call room service.

He grudginly let me go…i picked up the inter-com and dialled ‘0’…

Me : Hello, is this the kitchen?

Receiver : yes

Me : please can i have fried yam and egg sauce?

Receiver : Yes, give me 15 minutes..

me : Please what is your name ?

Receiver : Standd Ma,

me : Standd you have lied to me before, last night you said 15 minutes, and it actually took 45 minutes..

Receiver : sorry ma…seriously give me 15minutes…

me : Ok o…..

Then i hung up….

There was a knock on the door again..Timi went to open the door…

Timi : Ah Jafar howfar?

Jafar : i dey…

Me : Jafar…sorry for the Aji….

he shrugged it off…

Jafar : please call the other guys, we have to talk…

Me : Abayomi and Toun?

Jafar : Yes.

Abayomi and Toun walked into the room with the same unreadable look. While Toun came to sit on the bed wit me, the three guys stood.

Abayomi : So Jafar, i am thinking of stepping down…

Jafar : Tana, you too?

Me : yes…

Jafar : Timi, you are with them?

Timi : nope

Toun : Me too, afterall by next week it will be all over..

Jafar : I have not been completely honest with you guys…

i didnt like the sound of that, nor the grin on Timi’s face…

Abayomi : please go on…

Jafar : You guys are an innocent pun to a bigger puzzle. The VC of this school,was appointed by the last govt. After the next state election, there is a deal with National to disrupt school activities and inturn make the VC culpable. Eli is the link between the government and National. The government puppet is the present DVC, Prof Agbaide… he is eargerly waiting.
Abayomi : But the governor can just get a new Vc…

Jafar : i said the govt, not the governor. The people around the governor want to milk the school…

Me : Why are you against them?…so sponsoring is was just for face value…?

Jafar : The DVC is among the founding members of Eli’s group…We are fightinh for our survival…if they win….we are finished in this school…

Me : Jafar, Eli said he bam”ed you…why are you guys in seperate groups now?

Jafar : True, he was the one that initiated me…but he broke our creed…and started corner bamming people.

Toun : what is corner bamming?

Jafar : Initiating people on his own, without permission from the congress.. He was booted out. He joined his present group…his lust for blood and violence sped him up the ranks…

Me : Hmmmmm

Jafar : If you guys wanna step down i understand..but you will still be protected till this ish is over…

Abayomi : Wow…ok…we will call you to let you know whats up…

Jafar : i will be glad

Toun : i am sorru about Aji…

She came to hug him….ok….Toun is now a hugger too…

Jafar : please be on the low…will see you guys later…

He was walking out, i quicky followed him…

Jafar : Sparrow is ok yh?

Me : Yes, it is relieving to know that he is nearby…

we walked to his car when i noticed he was alone…

Me : Why are you alons, where is Uche and the rest of your guys?

Jafar : They are in Aiyegbami, this is not the time to be on the open… Its dangerous…

Me : Are u crazy! so you came alone! what if you are attacked?…what if you are ambushed…!

I didnt know where the tears came from, but my eyes were filled…He held me and used his sleeves to wipe my eyes…

Me : i dont want you to die…

Jafar : I wont die…

Me : You better not…

Jafar : Or?

Me : dont joke with me young man!

Then we started laughing, i still had tears in my eyes….i didnt even know why. Once again i watched him drive off…i ran back to the room and fell on the bed…Toun asked me what happened, but i didnt answer her, i didnt want her to see my tears…I must have slept off, cuz when i woke up, it was getting dark..

Toun was watching Disney channel, i wanted to go pee, i was still feeling sad…my phone rang….

Me : Hello…?

Jafar : Its me Jafar

Me : I know jor….

i giggled….

Jafar : just called to check on you…

Me : Awww, thanks…

Jafar : goodnight Tee….

me : what did you say?

Jafar : i said goodnight…..

Me : No jor…say it exactly as u said it….

Jafar : so you heard me?….

Me : say it naa….

Jafar : goodnight Tee…

Me : I like the way you say ‘Tee’…

Jafar laughed…

Me : Goodnighy my Gee….

He laughed harder…and hung up…

I dont knw how o, but i was feeling better again…then i remembered that kitchen girl had not brought my food!

with mouth filled with fried yam, i asked Toun whats up between her and Abayomi…

Toun : We spoke for a while, told me to forgive him too..I told him i still loved him and wanted us to give it another try..

Me : what did he say?…

She giggled…

Me : Talk jor…

Toun : He did reply, he just undressed me and we Fuccked…He said he was cleansing me…

Me : Wow, i heard reconcilation sex is the sweetest…is it true?

Toun : when you and Timi had reconcilation sex, how was it?

Me : We havnt had sex since we got back…

Toun : why, because of me?…am i disturbing?

Me : No jor…we are just taking our time…

Toun : Ok o…anyways, i am moving in with my boyfriend tonight, Timi is coming back here….

Me : are you serious?

Toun : Thouhght you would be glad…

Me : I am jor…its just sudden…

Toun : Get used to it!…

Soon after she left, Timi came in the room, he wasnt looking happy…
Me : Timi, whats up?…you aint looking happy, abi you wanna go back to Abayomi?

Timi : no, its nothing…

Me : Baby tell me whats up?…

Timi : I saw u hug Jafar before he left, i was standing at the hallway…

Me : Oh, you know he lost a friend and all…

Timi : i guess so, but tell me….is he the reason you dont wanna sleep with me…

me : Ahn ahn…we are taking it slow now…

Timi : i got back to Abayomi this evening, and the sheets was stained witj sperm and all…If Toun and Abayomi can start it again so soon….whats up with us na?

I started laughing…

Me : relax soldier….

i wanted to talk again but he said ‘shhhhhhhhhhhh’….

I kept quiet and listened…we could hear faint sounds of a girl moaning…it was Toun…She and Abayomi were fuccking again..

I dragged Timi to their door where we eavedropped…

Abayomi : bby i missed your arghhhhhh…

Toun : Deeper….deeper…

Abayomi : you like that….?….you like it?…

Toun : Oh baby….yes…grab my bum…faster yomi…harder…

The pounding was faster now…

Timi grabbed my hand and put it between his legs…He was rock hard……I dragged him back to the room.

Timi : baby now…

Me : Ok…do you a condom?

Timi : No, but you know i am fast….withdrawal and all…

Me : I am ovulating…

Timi : i can get from Abayomi or go and buy…

Me : Just chill till tomorrow….

His shoulder fell, i went to the bathroom to have my bath….

when i came back, he was asleep….i crawled to his side and held him….poor baby…

Timi was the only one waiting for us in the morning to take us to school, Toun said he didnt have lectures till much later…So Timi drove us while Sparrow followed behind…
Students moved around normally and it was hard to believe someone had died infront of the campus just some days before….
I was extra cautious, even when we were hungry, we stayed put in classs…Toun tried calling Abayomi but he wasnt picking….Timi came to pick us up as expected and took us back to the hotel ..with Sparrow close behind….when we got in rushed into my room to pee, when i heard Tana scream….Timi heard it too, so we rushed to her room…

Abayomi was in bed… His body will filled with cuts, the bed was blood soaked….even his head had cuts…his singlet eas crimson red…his right index finger was gone….Toun fainted…

Abayomi was dead…

Episode 28

]Timi carried Toun to the car while sparrow and i remained behind. It was still unbelievable that the Abayomi that had hung out with us yesterday was now dead. Sparrow got a call behind me and after he finished, he took Toun and i to Aiyegbami, while Timi went to meet the Hotel management.
Sparrow took us to the spare room in the apartment then he called Jafar, he gave me the phone to talk to him..

Jafar : i told Sparrow to keep you guys secured there…you have more than 20 men around the house..

Me : Abayomi is dead….

Jafar : I will see you guys very soon, they shall not go unpunished..

Me : Promise?

Jafar : with all i am and all that i will ever be

Me : What will i do with Toun?

Jafar L i will be back soon, just hang on…

Toun was sitting on the floor, she was crying bitterly

Toun: what am i now, what will i ever be, what will my life be without him?

me: Toun, Please dont cry?

Toun: I should not cry? do you know we have given our children names?…all of them…

Toun started pulling her clothes, i wanted to stop her but decided against it. when she was stark naked, she started cursing

Toun: Eli, wherever you are, you will lack satisfaction.. you shall drinl water but still be thirsty, you shall eat but still be hungry. what you chase you shall not meet, what you search, you shall not find..

Then she started crying again…i went to hold her…

Me : please dont cry dear, please…

She pushed me away and lay down on the floor…My phone rang, it was Timi.

Timi : how are you?

me: i am ok..

Timi : i am on my way to Ijebu-Ode..Ago is not safe..the school has taken Abayomi’s body to the mortuary..

me: that is a good idea, please be safe…

Timi : how is Toun?

me: she is devastated…i dont know what to do…

Timi: i will be with you guys tomorrow.

me: Abayomi was my best friend.

Timi: i know…

Me : let me know when you arrive at Ijebu-Ode..

Toun was on the floor, she had stopped crying, she was just staring at nothing…then she started laughing…i became worried..

I went to her side and held her..

she started talking to herself…

Toun: Abayomi, you are wicked oh!, is this how we planned it?…you said you will not leave me no matter what..now you have left…

me : Toun, please stop…

Toun : i should stop? they killed my baby!…ah…what kind of pain is this…Ah…

I picked up my phone to call Jafar, i wanted him to tell me it woud be ok….he didnt pick… i thought of Abayomi’s lovely mother…she would be crushed!…He was her star..

My phone started ringing again, it was Timi, i wondered if he had gotten to Ijebu-ode so soon. i ignored the calls, and focused on Toun…After the fifth ring, i picked up..

Timi : why didnt you pick?

me : i was with Toun

Timi: please, this is not the time for you not to pick calls.

me: i am sorry..have you arrived?

Timi : Not yet, at the outskirts

Me: told you to call me when you arrived.

Timi : yes i know, something happened…i got a call from school..

Me : People have found out about Abayomi’s death?

Timi : that’s not it..

Me : then what?

Timi : National’s head is infront of the School gate, on a piece of white cloth on the ground, his body is missing..

I was silent..

me : yeah, lemme know when you get to ijebu-ode..

Jafar was calling Eli out, it was War.

I planned to wait for Jafar to come in before I slept. Toun was sleeping innocently, I wished I could just sleep and when I wake, I would realize that the past few hours had been a dream. Apart from the room in which Toun and I were, the entire house was filled up to the brim. I could hear voices, though they were sober.
I wanted to call my dad to tell him about it, but I decided against it. I was wondering about who I could call when I dozed off, because I woke up to the sound of a couple of cars arriving at the apartment. I eavesdropped till I heard Uche’s deep voice. I waited for Jafar’s but didn’t hear him. I waited until I slept off.
When I woke up, Toun’s eyes were staring at me, she didn’t look happy or sad..she just stared…
Me : How are you feeling?
She didn’t answer me, instead her eyes shone with impending tears.
I excused myself and went to the Living room to see Jafar. I saw Four guys sitting on a brown sofa..
Me : goodmorning bros’es
Guy 1: goodmorning madam…sorry about your friend, we go everly threat those guys fucck up..
I just smiled..
Me : Please is Jafar around?
Guy 1: He left very early…
Me : what of Uche?
Guy 1: he left with him, you have Jafar’s number?
Me : yes
Guy 1: call him…
I walked back to the room to see Toun on the floor. She was singing Yoruba praise songs..I would have joined if I knew the words, but I didn’t so I just called Jafar.
Jafar : Hey
Me : You came in and didn’t bother checking on us?
Jafar : I thought you guys would be asleep..
Me: I was waiting for you..
Jafar : I have to go now, would see you later..
He hung up.
He sound cold, it must be the ish going on, I said to myself. I called Timi..
Timi : baby, how was your night?
Me : I had bad dreams
Timi: I couldn’t sleep. His blood stained by sleeves..
Me: sorry dear..
Timi : How is Toun?
Me : she is not good..
Timi : wow…it’s a terrible thing.
Me: where are you?
Timi : I am in school..news have gone round..
Me: about the deaths?
Timi : yes, the senate has cancelled all electoral activities. Elections have been cancelled. The senate would be meeting by 10am to decide if they should close down the school for a while.
Me: oh..
Timi: I would go to the hotel and pick and and Toun’s things..will bring it over later..
Me : you are a darling, thanks..
Timi: take care..
He hung up..
Toun had stopped singing.
Me: Timi will come see us soon..
Toun started crying, it started with little sobs until she started wailing..
Me : Please stop crying…
Toun: Abayomi is all alone in a mortuary, naked with strangers…and I am here, you say I should not cry?..i keep thinking about the moment he knew he was going to die…he was killed…Abayomi was murdered in cold blood and you say I should stop crying?
She started singing again, it was a Yoruba song about how wonderful God was, and how he wouldn’t fail his children. I couldn’t sing along…but I cried..

Episode 29

I was tired about the number of calls I was getting, even Yewande called me to offer her condolences. I was waiting for Timi’s call before I switched off my phone. There was a packet of cornflakes in the kitchen, I made some for Toun but she didn’t touch her plate, I could tell she was weak because she kept sleeping and waking up.
Finally Timi called.
Me : what did they decide?
Timi : school has been shut down till further notice, they brought in the police to seal of the campuses.
Me: When are you coming around?
Timi: very soon…should I get you guys anything?
Me: Please get valium for Toun..
Timi : The deputy vice-chancellor is missing, does Jafar know anything about it?
Me : How would I know?
Timi : The police will start raids soon, that place might not be safe for you..
Arrest was the least of my problems now..
Jafar came into the house some minutes after 4pm; he had dark shades on, so also the guys that came in with him. Toun was sleeping in the room, I didn’t want to disturb her so I had stepped into the Living room where there were a couple of magazines I flipped through.
Jafar : Tana whats up?
Me : I am good..i want to talk to you
Jafar looked at me, trying to decipher what I wanted to talk to him about..
Jafar : give me some minutes, you can wait for me in front of my room..
I did as I was told..
They were talking in hush tones, preventing me from hearing what they were saying.
Jafar : how is Toun?
Me: she is sleeping..
He opened his door and ushered me in. I remembered the last time I was in his apartment, when my life was still normal…I sat on the only available chair..
Me : where is the DVC?
I wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush..
Jafar : I don’t know
Me : are you lying to me? Cause I heard the police will start their raid soon
Jafar : I am not lying to you…
Me: what will we do about the raid?
Jafar : have you eaten?
Me: yes I have
Jafar : Toun?
Me: she isn’t in the mood..
Jafar : what’s her favorite food?
Me : Jafar, what will we do about the raid?
Jafar : just tell me her favorite food
Me : meat…she likes fried turkey meat…
He made a call as he pulled his shirt; he was left with his singlet and slacks.
Jafar : You shouldn’t be worried about the raid, we would have it sorted out..
Me : what of Eli, where is he?
Jafar : He is in Ijebu-Igbo, moves around with twenty guys, fully equipped.
Me : he is after your neck too?
Jafar : Yes, it’s a matter of time before the real storm arises..
Me: I heard the elections have been cancelled and school shut down?
Jafar : yap, students are leaving towns in droves..
Me : you were at the park?
Jafar : times like this, each group places informants at the parks in Ijebu-igbo and Ago-iwoye. Any body seen trying to leave town will be brought down, your group or theirs.
Me: why?
Jafar : For a member of one’s group to try to skip town, its cowardice. For the other group, it’s the easiest target.
Me : what of those that would want to leave town with private cars?
Jafar : There are only two routes into Ago and Igbo, through Ode or Ilesan….
Me : oh…
Jafar : Toun will eat soon, I hope you know where her folks reside?
Me : Yes..
Jafar: because she is leaving town tonight…
Me: how?
Jafar: ‘Last-Born’ will take her, he is the guy you spoke to this morning..you would be going too…
Me : I don’t want to go yet, I owe it to Abayomi…but Toun is unstable…so I think it’s a good idea…but you said any confra guy leaving town will be felled?
Jafar : Last-Born is a smuggler, when would you go?
Me : when you take care of Eli..
Jafar : it’s going to get really bloody, miss. Reports have it that the government is releasing weapons to Eli’s people..
Me : I am stubborn o…just so you know..
Jafar : oh….that I know…

]Jafar left shortly, leaving me with Toun and the strangers in the house. Luckily, Timi came around. He wasn’t allowed inside the apartment, I had to meet him outside. After dropping off the bags he brought, we sat in his car.
Timi: its crazy out there mehn, the garage is filled with students, transport fare to Lagos is now 700 bucks
Me: so I heard
Timi: They are killing themselves anyhow, it has never been this bad.
My heart started beating again, I had lost Abayomi, I didn’t want to lose Jafar.
Timi: You have to leave this place soon..
Me: I can’t, I can’t just leave town..
Timi : I am not saying you should leave like that, but staying here aint the best right now.
Me: you think so yh?
Timi: I have some friend in TASUED, they can take care of you…
Me: Jafar will be taking Toun to Lagos tonight.
Timi: driving her down himself?
Me : Nope, a friend of his would be taking her.
Timi : are you sure it’s safe? Do you know the guy?
Me : barely, but I trust Jafar..
Timi smiled…
Timi: I know you do..i miss you dear..
Me: I keep thinking of Abayomi..
Timi: I do too..please say me well to Toun.
After a few more bants, he left. I kept thinking of what Timi said about my leaving the house and it made sense. But my guts kept telling me to stay. When I got back in, Toun was eating the turkey Jafarhad gotten for her, she hugged me when I approached her.
Toun: sorry, I know it has been had on you too
Me: its okay, you are very strong. Just be strong for us..please..
Toun: I will try?
Me: Jafar and I feel it’s better you go to Lagos tonight. At least till it cools off..
Toun: what of you?
Me: I will wait behind, till Eli is sorted out.
Toun: are you sure?
Me: yes dear..Timi brought our stuffs, so I will help you pack, just eat and rest..
Toun: you are a darling my dear.
Me: I love you.
Toun: why is Jafar?
Me: he went out but he has arranged for your transportation.
Toun: so gist me, what is the latest?
Me: National is dead, Dvc is missing..Timi said a couple of other deaths..
Toun: hmmmm, I am only concerned about Eli..
Me : me too..
I was glad Toun was sounding alright, I didn’t need to give her the valium anymore. She went into the bathroom to take her bath, Toun likes crying in the bathroom, so I eavesdropped to make sure she didn’t break down in there. Just as I suspected, she started crying again.
Around 8pm, Last-Born came to knock on the door, he informed Toun it was time for the trip to Lagos.
Toun: Thank Jafar for me, and promise me you will come to my house when this is all over?
Me: promise, my love.
We hugged again, then she left in a blue Primera.

I realised what Timi had been telling me was the best thing to do. I couldn’t just shack up here with this guys, so I packed my things and planned to tell Jafar that I would have to leave his apartment and remain incognito till he all these sorted out. Since most students had left, the Town sounded a tad quieter. So when the volks-wagon with loud speakers on it that advertised local herbs around Ago-iwoye was passing by, it was pretty loud…when it came closer, I realized I was wrong. My heart started beating fast, it wasn’t a volks-wagon, and the speakers were blaring something I was very familiar with…
I locked the door in the room, I could hear the guys in the living room but that gave me little solace. I picked up my phone to call Jafar, but he didn’t pick up…I called Timi..
Timi: whatsup…?
Me: I am fine..i think Eli is in Ago..around the house
Timi: How did you know that?
Me: I just know!…i am scared..
Timi: I am in Ijebu-Ode now, I will come to town very soon..
Me : thanks, hurry!..
I could still hear the sound, I hoped I was getting crazy. My phone rang, it was Jafar.
Jafar: sorry, I missed your call..
I explained everything to him, he told me the lock myself in and not open the door for anyone except I hear his voice or Uche’s.
After he hung up, I dashed to the kitchen and picked up the sharpest knife I saw, I went back to the room and locked myself in.
When I heard someone knocking my door, 20 minutes later, and my heart was almost in my mouth. Then I heard his voice, telling me he was the one.
As soon as I saw him, I jumped at him, he was quick to carry me and regain his balance or we would have fallen, I caught a whiff of brandy under his breathe.
Jafar : I brought supper, fish and wine…would you like to eat with me in my room?
Me: yes..
He carried me inside his room, I was a frown woman and all, but I didnt mind being carried. Not even with the other guys staring at me.
He laid me down on his centre rug and lay down beside me, we were both facing his ceiling with our backs to the ground.
Jafar : if you are scared, you can sleep in my room tonight, are you scared?
Me: will you be sleeping here too?
Jafar: yes..
Me: I am scared..

Episode 30

Me: tell me how it started
Since the fish was peppery, we sat up and rested our backs against the wall. The air-conditioner was on, so he tossed me a blanket to cover my folded legs. I had earlier sent Timi a text not to come for me.
Jafar: how what started?
Me: how you joined a confraternity
Jafar: you really want me to bore you?
Me: I can’t ask you about how the thingy with Eli is going, at least I can ask you this one..
He looked at me, I looked back with an encouraging smile.
Jafar : I was approached by some guys while I was shooting pool in the permanent site, one guy and Eli, they said I should leave the snooker table for them. The friend I was with left me there, he didn’t want their problem. Eli and his friend asked me if I was mad and didn’t know I should do as I was told. I wasn’t just in the mood for rubbish that day, so once again I ignored them. After threatening me for a while, they asked me for my number, I declined. Eli gave me his and said I should call them whenever I wanted to, that I was the kind of person they were looking for. I forget about the encounter until one evening like that. There is this girl I had been seeing, a Jambito like myself. I didn’t know she was dating another guy that was a spirit-man. I was with the girl, a 200L student, when my door was forced open kicks. Five guys entered the room with sticks. They beat me black and blue that night. The girl kept apologizing to the head of the team, that I was just a guy she met at the campus. After they left with the girl, I checked myself into a hospital. Few weeks later, I tracked down the guy. I went to his house and hoped to inflict pain on him too but as I got in, I was surrounded by more guys. They beating I got the first time was nothing compared to this one..
I couldn’t help myself, I started laughing. It was the first time I laughed since Abayomi died.
Me: sorry for laughing..
Jafar laughed too, and filled my glass with more wine..
Me: please continue
Jafar: so I checked back into the hospital, but this time…I called Eli and explained everything to him. It didn’t take long before more than a dozen guys came into my ward. They were looking deadly, infront of them was Eli. He told them I would be taken care of, my bills and all. He also promised me those guys will be dealt with as soon as I got out.
Me: so when you were out of the hospital, you guys went for them?
Jafar: Oh, yes we did. And it was a cool day.
Me: you and Eli were close?
Jafar: not really, but for about 2months, he was my mentor, until he was booted out. The funny thing is that he joined the group that he had saved me from.
Me: wow…that was some story..
Jafar : you should sleep now..
Me: do you have any regrets being in a confraternity?
Jafar: truthfully?
Me : Yes
Jafar : sometimes, when people use their powers to oppress. But sometimes I am so glad. We hae perpetual cases were we help people get justice. For instance, a girl breaks u with her boyfriend, and she tells him to pay her all the money he owes her so she can write her exams, he doesn’t, he beats her instead. She reports to us, we appear at her boyfriend’s place, he pays the next week. Or a lecturer is using sex as a medium for a pass, we visit his wife…he adjusts. Plenty cases like that. But we have bad eggs among us…plenty unfortunately.
Me: do you have a girlfriend?
Jafar: is that part of it?
Me: just answer?
Jafar: no..though I have girls..
Me : why?
Jafar: because it’s not safe for them. The easiest way to get to a guy is through his loved ones..
Me: true..
Jafar: how is Timi..?
I suppressed a giggle…the wine was working…
Me: Ijebu-ode
Jafar: good…you might need to go be with him..
Me : why?
Jafar: Eli knows you are here…Eli is coming…
Me: then let’s leave together, find a new place..
Jafar: I am the leader of my group, I remain here..

He brought out a piece of rolled bunt
Me: Tell me how many people you have killed.
Jafar : ki na son ki ji?
Me: yay! I like the way you speak hausa..
I was tipsy already..
Me: but what does that mean?
Jafar: it means “do you want to hear”?
Me: yes
Jafar: Babu..
Me: yay…”babu” means no!..i know that one..
Jafar laughed..
Jafar : you are correct..
Me : so will you tell me?
Jafar: No, a gentleman does not say those things to a lady
Me: you get sweet mouth o…chai..
Jafar : it’s time for you to sleep
Me : what if I don’t want to go tomorrow, and I want to stay here instead?
Jafar: I wouldn’t allow you..
Me : you will carry me out?
Jafar: wouldn’t need to do that, you are a lady..
Me: hehehehe, I won’t be a lady tomorrow..
I prayed God gave me the strength to control myself whenever I was high, but he didn’t
Jafar: you are more fun than I thought..
Me: so you mean to say you thought I was boring?
Jafar: not that..i just thought you would be uptight like the average daddy’s girl.
Me : so you are calling me a daddy’s girl?…goodnight young man!
Jafar: goodnight dear, you can sleep on the bed, I will crash here..
Me: you better join me on the bed..
I realized I sounded like a mad woman, he was enjoying himself…he was laughing..
Me : rotten boy, I didn’t mean it like that jor, I meant you should not sleep on the floor because of me..
Jafar : I know, its fun watching you talk lie this. I think you have been sad for a while. The wine is releasing you..
He blew out a cloud of weed, the AC converted it to a mist..
Me: I want to smoke too..
Jafar : not tonight..
Me: what if we don’t see tomorrow?
He was quiet for a while, I realized I had said another stupid thing..
Me: I didn’t mean it like that. I would just shut up and sleep..
Jafar: okay dear..
Me: you wouldn’t beg me to talk?
Jafar: not this night ma..
I climbed his bed , wen t to the edge of the left hand side and covered myself with the blanket..
He sat on the right hand side for a while, before he lay down too. There was a gulf between us.
My phone rand, I wasn’t scared, even if it was Eli, I had Jafar by my side. It was Toun.
Toun: I am home, how are you?
Me: I am fine, I am so happy you home..
Toun: thank you dear, are you in Jafar’s house or Timi’s?
Me: I am with Jafar..
Toun: Tana, you don’t love Timi anymore, you are crazy about Jafar….dont waste time and let him know. Look at me, I didn’t know I had limited time with Abayomi, I was fooling around with Naetochukwu…
Me : babe, I think you should rest…how about we talk tomorrow?
Toun : I love you Tee..thanks for everything…greet Jafar for me..
Me: love you too dear..goodnight..
Jafar was quiet at the other side of the bed, he had extinguished the blunt.
Me: Toun send’s her regards..she is home
Jafar : Ok…
He kept quiet again..i wasn’t ready to sleep yet..
Me: Oya! Lets just say one more word to each other before we sleep…I will start…”goodnight Jafar, and thank you”
Jafar: sha baki na
I didn’t know what he meant again, I didn’t care, I just loved the way he spoke hausa…I rolled to his side of the bed, held his face between my palms and kissed him..we kissed….i lay on top of him , his hands were around my waist, I s—-d his lower lip gently..he s—-d my upper lip, till our tongues sizzled against each other..i just wanted to eat the guy alive…d–n!such a good kisser…I should be feeling guilty as regards Timi but I wasn’t…he must have realized because he raised me up gently…and I was once again on the left side of the bed..
Jafar: Goodnight Tee
Me: Goodnight Jafar….wait…what does “sha baki na” mean?
Jafar: I thought you knew..
Me: No, I don’t…
Jafar: It means “kiss me”…
I laughed as I rolled back to the right hand side where he was…that was where I slept..

I woke up in the middle of the night, everywhere smelled good. The entire room smelt like Jafar. I was lying with my back facing him. He didn’t emit any sound as he slept. I felt so powerful right now, the almighty Jafar was sleeping with both eyes closed next to me, I could kill him if I wanted.
Jafar: you should be sleeping..
I didn’t know the guy was awake too..
Me: you too..
Jafar : Are you cold…should I put off the AC?
Me: No o…but I am cold…hold me..
He giggled and kept quiet..
I took his hand placed it around me, it rested just beneath my boobz…
Me: oya let us sleep….i wanted to feel powerful again. He didn’t answer me though.
The next time I woke up, his arm was still around me, I didn’t move…I just wanted it to be like that. I didn’t think of Abayomi, Timi or Toun, I just wanted to remain in his arms. I was fantasizing till I slept off again.
I woke up to an empty room, I checked my phone, it was 5:30am, the bed seemed bigger…I pressed my nose on the sheets, I smiled..
I saw myself as a proud person, I don’t go after guys nor even give attention to those that come after me..but with Jafar, I didn’t care if he didn’t want me, or if last night’s kiss was just a kiss…I will savor it. i would hold on to it. I noticed a text message on my phone…it was from Jafar…it read…” There is a loaf of bread in the kitchen, eggs in the fridge, oil in the cupboard…search for the rest…will come for you by 4pm, so you can go stay with Timi…Ago aint safe for you”..
Just like that my day got spoilt. So I was really going to leave? I called Timi..
Timi: baby..
Me: Timi, I would be coming to Ijebu-Ode by 5…please pick me up at the Mr Biggs, close to Gtbank.
Timi: I am happy..finally I can be with you..
Me: yeah..
Timi: you don’t sound happy, coming to see me…wait….have you slept with Jafar?
Me: no..
Timi: Thank God…I love you baby…
Me: see you soon ..
I made breakfast, bread and eggs with coffee. I packed my bags like a spoilt brat resuming boarding school…thoughts of Abayomi was forcing itself in my brain…I called Toun..
Toun: Tana…
Me: Toun, how are you?
Toun: Abayomi’s mother just called me, such a sweet woman…we cried together…
Me: it must be killing her…
Toun: she wants me to be around for his burial.
Me: will you?
Toun: I would kill anybody that stops me..
Me: I wish I could come..
Toun: are you safe there?
Me: I would be moving to Ijebu-Ode to stay with Timi..Jafar insisted.
Toun: he wants you to go?
Me: apparently..
Toun: I am sure he is gutted about it..
Me: he doesn’t show it, look the guy at most just likes me…I am contented though..
Toun: anyways, wear black of Friday…it’s the day he will be buried…
Me: thank you Toun, your strength inspires me….
Toun: strength?…i am dying inside…
Me: i am sorry,,
Toun: bye dear..
I decided to just sleep till 4pm, unfortunately..Acho chose that time to call…
Me: Acho..
Acho : Tana, how are you…how are you coping?
Me: I am good…sorry for the other time….the way the guys hit you…
Acho: no jor…that time has passed..i just want you to know if you need me…I will be here…I still love you..
Me: thank you…
Acho: lets hang out this…
I hung up…
I was awoken by soft taps, it was Jafar…he was smiling at me like I was his favorite daughter…
Me: oh, you are back..
Jafar: yes…
Me: is it 4pm yet?
Jafar: it is 5pm…
Me: d–n!..Timi would be waiting for me…
Jafar: lets go….have you packed your bags?
Me: since na…
I didn’t want him to know I was crying inside…
Jafar: I will miss you…
Me: blablabla…
He helped me with some of my bags, I carried the rest…I was sad.

To be continued

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