The Nigerian lady who went nuts while her boyfriend asked her hand in marriage on

Valentine’s Day has spoken regarding the issue.

The video which has since gone viral shows the lady named Grace Odudu going on a

crazy rant just before her boyfriend could put a ring on her finger.

However, Grace has reacted after the video went awash on social media and has

revealed that it was all an act.

She explained that the video was a skit herself and her friends had put together and

that she was astonished by how much attention it ended up getting.

Grace reposted these videos on her Instagram stories and stated that it was only a prank and she never went mad.

The lady came out right in time to clarify things because the video was so on point that many figured it was real.

A post made by a friend of hers called Hillouu backed up Grace’s claim. She also shared the video on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Hahahahaha it’s was a prank. I nearly believed her village people came through.”


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